KIMATEK Story female skilled industrial workers mounting electric motors 01 demo account binary options In 2001, Kimatek was formed by a group of engineers and began as a supplier of motor control technology for the industrial sectors such as Pump, HVAC, Compressor, Material Handling, and Electric Motives .

enter Beginning in 2003, Kimatek successfully entered Health and Fitness Equipment Power Component industry in the USA as our next expansion effort. In 2009, Kimatek-Korea was established to solidify our position as the leader in the expanding Asian market. Furthermore, Kimatek has launched its exclusive “GLOBAL STRATEGIC PARTNERS” program with a select group of renowned organizations in Asia in order to provide the most effective and transparent solutions to our US customers from components to finished products.

site de rencontre entre fonctionnaires All members of the program collaborate as ONE TEAM, “KIMATEK”, understand US-Business culture, possess a high level of technical attributes, and are under the strict guidelines of the Kimatek Quality Control System.

click Today, KIMATEK is a multi-faceted global organization for OEM component solutions that includes customized Motors/Controllers, Lift Motors (Elevation Motors), Generators/Brakes/Hybrid, Console Solutions, and Electronics/PCB.

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